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A Durante of Flying Toucans
  • A Durante of Flying Toucans

    Title: ‘A Durante of Flying Toucans’

    Media: My own hand made glass fusions using Bullseye and dichroic glass, Sicis tiles.

    Size Unframed: 52 cm x 52 cm / 20.5 inches x 20.5 inches
    Size Framed: 62 cm x 62 cm / 24.5 inches x 24.5 inches

    The price is £1000.00 / $1350



    Here is the accompanying verse:
    ‘A Durante of Flying Toucans’
    One can fly everywhere these days,
    If one has the will,
    One can go anywhere one likes,
    If one can manage the large bill,
    So If ONE can fly around the world,
    Then surely toucans can too! 

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