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‘A Gruntled Giraffe’

‘A Gruntled Giraffe’

‘A Gruntled Giraffe’


‘To gruntle’ means to put in good humour

That’s a fact – it’s true, it ain’t just a rumour

So if you accuse Gerald of being a wreck

He’ll just reply you’re a pain in the neck!


An ideal present for the gruntled beast in your life!

Title: ‘A Gruntled Giraffe’

Size: 37 cm x 22 cm / 14.5 inches x 8.5 inches

Materials: My own hand made glass fusions, Vitreous glass tile.

Price: $150.00 US / £120.00 / 135.00 Euros

Shipping Price: US: $18.00 UK mainland: £3.10

The substrate can be purchased from Lou Ann Weeks at

Here's the link:

Please message me if you would like to while away the hours happily mosaicing this Gruntled Giraffe....I promise that it will make you gruntled too!

If you are interested in getting one then please message me here or on Facebook or messenger or Instagram.

n.b: All of my kits are made to order so may take me a few days to assemble.

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