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A Pair Of Lovebirds: Mosaic Kit

A Pair Of Lovebirds: Mosaic Kit

Price: £100.00 / $135.00

Shipping Price: US: $28.00 UK: £3.10.


An ideal present for the lovebird in your life! Title: ‘Lovebirds’. The lovebirds are 21 cm / 8 ½ inches long and are available in Cranberry, blue, green or yellow - as shown.

Overall Size of Substrate: 30 cm x 20 cm / 11 7/8 inches x 11 7/8 inches.

The substrate can be purchased from Lou Ann Weeks – through this link:


Included in each Martin Cheek Mosaic Kit are the following items:

1. The hand made glass fusions made by me – this is what makes the kit special and different from any other standard mosaic kit. I make the kits to order. Because the fusions are all individually made the fusions will not be identical – that’s the point! Each kit is unique in that way.

2. All of the vitreous tiles required to make the mosaic. The tiles are NOT precut. They are the standard 2 cm x 2 cm vitreous glass tiles.

3. A template of the mosaic – this is the same size reproduction of the original mosaic.

4. A tile count – this is a chart which shows you how many tiles you have of each colour that makes up the palette of each individual design.

5. Grout – if requested – though most customers have their own grout. This is an addition £2 / $2.50.


There is a Facebook / Instagram photo album for each design showing WIPs – work in progress pics which demonstrate how I made the original mosaic. These serve as an instructional aid to help you complete your mosaic.

n.b: Wheel nippers are not included but can be purchased from me at an additional cost.

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