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Teal Mary Blair

Teal Mary Blair

Here is my 'Mosaic of the Month' for September
This is your chance to purchase an original mosaic made by mosaic maestro Martin Cheek!
Title: ‘Blair’
Media: My own hand made glass fusions, dichroic glass, Sicis.
Size: Overall dimensions: 43 cm x 25 cm / 17 x 10 inches

Price: £375.00 / $506.00
Description: The palette for this peacock is inspired by the work of Disney designer Mary Blair (1911-1978). Blair drew concept art for (among others) ‘Alice in wonderland’ ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Cinderella’.

n.b: This piece is SOLD but I can make another one. It won’t be identical because each piece is hand made by me and therefore unique.

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