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‘A Barrel of Monkeys’

‘A Barrel of Monkeys’

Title: ‘A Barrel of Monkeys’

Media: Fused Glass Panel: My own hand made glass fusions, dichroic glass.

Size Unframed: 50 cm x 40 cm / 20 x 16 inches

Size Framed: 58 cm x 48 cm / 25 x 21 inches

Price: £800.00 / $1080.00

n.b: This piece is SOLD but available to be remade.


Here is the accompanying verse by Brian Sibley:

‘A Barrel of Monkeys’

Look out and beware!

Whatever you do, take every care!

One minute they’re up, way off in the trees,

Next, they drop on your head and start searching for fleas.

Then they’re gone with your hat, your specs and your tie,

Or they’re stealing your peanuts or your salmon-on-rye!

Some think they look sweet as they swing and they run,

But I don’t find monkeys a barrel of fun!



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