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‘A Flock of Pigeons’

‘A Flock of Pigeons’

Title: ‘A Flock of Pigeons’

Media: Mosaic: My own hand made glass fusions using Bullseye and dichroic glass, Sicis tiles.

Size unframed: 55cm x 53.5 cm / 21 inches x 20.5 inches

Size framed: 67 cm x 65.5 cm/ 26 inches x 25.5 inches

Price: Price: £1000.00 / $1350.00


Here is the accompanying verse:

‘A Flock of Pigeons’

Many people are of the opinion that

Pigeons are vermin – like the lowly rat

Me, I consider that position too solemn

I LIKE seeing them sitting upon Nelson’s column!

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