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‘A Herd of Elephants’

‘A Herd of Elephants’

Title: ‘A Herd of Elephants’

Media: Mosaic: My own hand made glass fusions, dichroic glass, Sicis.

Size Unframed: 65 cm x 62 cm / 25.5 inches x 24.5 inches

Size Framed: 75 cm x 72 cm / 29.5 inches x 28.5 inches

Price: £1000.00 / $1300.00


Here is the accompanying verse by Brian Sibley:

‘A Herd of Elephants’

If you’re seeking a herd of elephants

They are reasonably easy to spot

By their outsize ears and their grey, baggy pants –

And two things that I almost forgot:

One is their tusks of sufficient size

To put fear into dentists’ hearts;

Second, their trunks that, to my surprise,

They employ in the musical arts.

Answering the call of the ancient Muse

With trumpeting fanfares absurd,

Means that herds of elephants, if they choose,

Can never be seen and not heard.



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