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'A Raft of Penguins'

'A Raft of Penguins'

Title: 'A Raft of Penguins'

Media: My own hand made glass fusions, dichroic glass, Sicis.
Size:  16 inches x 16 inches / 41 cm x 41 cm

Price: £800.00 / $1080.00


Here is the accompanying verse by Brian Sibley:

'A Raft of Penguins'[

In polar climes where the waters freeze

Rafts of penguins take their ease.

Under the shimmering Southern Lights,

They huddle for warmth on chilly nights;

Shuffling around like ancient waiters

With the hesitant steps of novice skaters.

Yet, they seem to enjoy the ice and snow

And are perfectly happy to go with the floe.

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