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A Raft of Swimming Penguins
  • A Raft of Swimming Penguins

    Media: My own hand-made glass fusions, dichroic glass, Sicis.
    Size Unframed:  53 cm x 49 cm / 21 inches x 19 inches

    Size Framed:  62 cm x 58 cm / 24.5 inches x 23 inches


    Here is the accompanying verse

     ‘A Raft of Swimming Penguins’

    When penguins swim they are horizontal,

    which makes their ‘waiters suit’ responsible,

    swim under them, they’re white against the light,

    swim above - dark back against sea floor - dim and black

    who would have thought that skin so sartorial,

    would mean they became the champions ….piscatorial?!

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