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'Hodge Hunting'

'Hodge Hunting'

Title: ‘Hodge Hunting’

Media: Mosaic: My own hand made glass fusions using Bullseye and dichroic glass, Sicis tiles

Size Unframed: 41 cm x 42 cm / 16 inches x 16.5 inches

Size Framed: 51 cm x 52 cm / 20 inches x 20.5 inches

Price: £750.00 / $1012.00


Here is the accompanying verse:

Hodge Hunting

Just like Blake’s tiger, Hodge burns bright

…When he goes hunting late at night

His quarry is a poor shrew or mouse

Which sadly he brings into our house!

I wish I could stop him doing that

But at the end of the day …he’s still a CAT!

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